Rabu, 2 Oktober 2013

2nd IBSM International Conference on Business, Accounting, and Management

Hi, buddies.

For the first time I would like post in english and might be fun to see my english. Hope not to be so Manglish, hehe. Today, it  is our trip to Chiang Mai for 3 days 2 nights. Yeah, this is my first time ever trip to The Land of Orchid of Thailand. Happy? Of course.

Supposely, I have to attend the conference at Bangkok recently but I have cancelled it at very last minute. So, today we begin our journey to Chiang Mai with departure time of 0655 local time as pilot promise to us to land approximately on 0830 Chiang Mai time. We please to have people to pick us to the hotel since our member could not check in on time this morning. We missed a member for the trip and he might have flight for tomorrow morning.

Having flight 2 hours 45 minutes KUL-CNX at ETA 0840 made us dizzy and not forgot to have Pak Naseer's Nasi Lemak on board. Hehe, juz nice and still worry not have stomach ache after having it. Why? Its spicy and I rarely take breakfast with spicy food. Gastric.

So, now me and Dr Roslan, our Dean of Faculty of Management and Information Technology together will go to hotel and prepare for the opening ceremony at 1400 noon.

As was informed lately, Tn Hj Hussin will have tomorrow morning flight to Chiang Mai. We were landed safely to the Chiang Mai International Airport with rough power reversal done by pilot (felt like something need to thrown out, huhu) and arrived at hotel peacefully and just now, laid back before opening this afternoon.

Ok, see you later for next update.

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