Khamis, 3 Oktober 2013

Chiang Mai (Day 2)

Alhamdulillah, as early at 4.40 am, I received FB tagged post from Mr Mohd Hussin stated that he had already at an airport this morning for the flight to Chiang Mai. Same flight number and same time of travel.

Last night, we have warm welcome from the organizer, CAAL with the floor performance of traditional dance from the local dancers. Prof. Dr. Tulus Tambunan give his speech on economic community among ASEAN members and does it matter for 2015, 2 years time from now. He highlighted some impact that might positively related to the movement but not to forget bundles of negative impact that might be triggered with the open economic policy practice soon. I have certainly agreed with his opinion gathered from the information centre in Jakarta, open economy might bring our micro, small and medium enterprises to the edge where they need to struggle more to survive and obtain sustainability in the current market. The cash flow also seem to be liquidified since everyone have same opportunity to compete with other members. Many points were highlighted and I hope to share with readers after return back from Chiang Mai on Saturday.

After Dr. Tambunan's talk, Ms. Kannika Buacheen began her explanation on the umbrella making effort done by her father in Borsang, an area which have traditional values represent the people of Chiang Mai. Umbrella as we knew it, its just only a tool to prevent us from getting soak during rainy time of shady feature to protect us from sunny heat. In Borsang, the umbrella making activity is well known around the world. They have lots of creativity crafted on the umbrella represent the people of Chiang Mai as well as Thailand. This effort was initiated around 20 years ago when Ms Kannika's father saw that many umbrella craftmens died and the tradition started to fade away. He gathered all masters into one roof and encourage them to worke together to produce these valuable handicraft to the world. As she mentioned in her speech, these umbrellas have an export value and most of the importers come from European and United States. Very nice work and this Friday we would like see and try by ourselves to make an umbrella at the umbrella making centre in Borsang. See you soon.

Today is the day for all presenters to show their work and sharing it with other members of the conference. My turn will be at 2.40 pm, Dr. Roslan will be at 9.40 am. May Allah give us strength to get it done. Yesterday, Prof Asep Hermawan, The Conference Chair invited us to join them in the next conference that will be held in Hong Kong. Wahhhh....... so excited to hear such big place. Hope to have a paper to bring it along.

Morning view 5:51am from the 14th floor, Empress Hotel, Chang Klan street
Good morning Chiang Mai, 6.32am with gorgeous rainbow

Having simple breakfast, toasted bread, jam, hard boiled egg (ahaha... what da...?), and vegies. Kind a good deal in foreign country, struggle to have halal food. So, we are here avoid to consume meat based food. Vegies and fish, its ok.

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